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Home Culinary began with a vision that developed slowly over the years as I learned more about myself, about life and about the ways that we can sustain a responsible & healthy lifestyle. This is my story.


So it was that I, in my early twenties at the beginning of a career in woodworking, crafted a cutting board for myself from local maple. Little did I expect how this would influence my way of thinking and consequently shape my future! 


The board turned out amazing. The love that I put into its making continued to shine through the years and inspire me. I was not super oriented to being materialistic, but I began to notice that stuff, mostly junk it seems, collected and eventually had to be gotten rid of, or mysteriously disappeared. However, my homemade cutting board stayed with me. I saw how it lasted, stayed beautiful, and continued to serve me. This awareness informed a more conscious relationship with material things, as my choices gravitated around simplicity and quality.


I realized the value of a good handmade cutting board. I had a subtle intuition about this becoming some kind of business future, but I put the idea aside. This was until several years ago when I found myself at a crossroads... I was exploring various 'side hustles' when I remembered my faithful cutting board. I began by impressing my small island community with the quality and artistry of my work, at our local garden and craft markets. The amazing response from the community was inspiring, and it was nice to bring some love to the kitchens of locals and tourists alike. I was buying supposedly the best imported lumber from eastern Canada as well as various coastal varieties. One day, I made a butcher block style board from local big-leaf maple. I soon realized that I had hit on an amazing and superior product as well as something that had the potential to form a business model in alignment with my values. I could support the value added movement using local wood at a much cheaper cost than imports. Best of all, this gave me the freedom to create an ethical business model with an amazing product for a reasonable price.


Now I'm considering expanding the business to incorporate the work of fellow artisans who share a similar vision, and perhaps work together toward creating a collection of artisan kitchenware. 

Enjoy & please share your thoughts.


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