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Board Care


A new cutting board was once a great living being, a tree. As with her previous form, she will respond to and benefit from some loving attention. The beautiful thing about these boards is that with a small amount of proper care, it can last a lifetime! Here is how to keep it fresh:


It is essential to season your board and keep it well oiled and waxed. This keeps the board from drying out. The oil moistens and the wax seals. By sealing the surface, it stays clean and safe and does not stain easily. End grain boards tend to resist stains, but if they do stain theses will disappear over time with regular oiling and cleaning. A trick to avoid stains, especially if your board is a little dry and you need to cut some beets or blueberries, apply a thin coat of oil to the board beforehand. Just take extra care that things don't become slippy.


To season your board, anoint it with regular libations of oil once every few weeks for the first couple of months. Thereafter every seven to nine months will do. We use a blend of organic hemp seed oil and beeswax, though other options like walnut oil or MCT coconut oil work just as well. To begin, clean it well, and give it a couple of hours to fully dry. Spread the oil all over, on all surfaces, very liberally! Keep applying as it soaks in. Let it soak in overnight or for 12 hours. In the morning, use a rag to remove remaining oil, and wash it well. 


For cleaning, clean the board by hand with warm and slightly soapy water, towel dry. It is good occasionally to scrub it well with a scrubby in the sink under warm running water. For an even deeper clean, you can salt the surface of the board and scrub it with the juice of a fresh lemon. 


Generally, avoid any extreme conditions, do not let moisture stand on the surface, and please don't place your cutting board in the dishwasher.

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